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Your future is in Bitcoins

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Who are we? Lifebit is a new-age bitcoin mining service. We use renewable energy sources to produce bitcoins, at a lower cost, sustainable. Our team of highly-qualified financial advisors will strive to insure the easiest possible entrance into mining with our platform; and, that you are rewarded with your first profit, and every profit, in the shortest amount of time possible. To guarantee this, all withdraws are automatically and instantly executed.

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With Lifebit you only pay for the mining power that you want by building your own pricing and investment package! Why sign up for someone else's idea of what you need when you are the one who knows your portfolio and investment plan best?Cloud mining with new technology & pricing

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  • 0.3001 BTC - 1.0000 BTC = 6.25% daily
  • 1.0010 BTC - 10.0000 BTC = 6.50% daily
  • 10.0010 BTC - 30.0000 BTC = 7.00% daily

About Us

Lifebit is a Limited Liability Corporation formed by two of wall street's finest financial advisors. We formed Lifebit to provide an platform for people who see Bitcoin as the investment vehicle that is a reliable souce of stable income; not as a mere unit of money. To maximize that potential Lifebit utilizes the most modern, efficient and productive hardware and software to mine the Bitcoins; which are then traded on the most secure markets in order to maximize your risk; and maximize your ROI.

Cloud mining with new technology & pricing

Bitcoin mining has been around since 31 October 2008 and was started by Satoshi Nakamoto, back then you could mine Bitcoin with your common consumer grade computer. Now with increasing mining dificulties Bitcoin has been made alot harder to mine with a common consumer grade computer. This is when dedicated bitcoin miners came into the scene, designed to mine bitcoin and nothing else. With 21,000,000 Bitcoins maximum, mining is going to become even more harder with all 21,000,000 bitcoins being in circulation by 2040. Lifebit offers the opportunity to have the expensive Bitcoin miners, without the expensive price and overheads. You pay for the hashing power, we pay the overheads! If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us through our user portal.

With the highest level of security, Lifebit makes sure that all your details are kept secure and out of the publics hands.

Utilizing the highest level of security through cryptography, Lifebit guarantees that all of your personal details and information are kept secure, safe from hackers, and out of the public knowledge-base.

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Blog news article

07 October 2017

Official Facebook site

Today we launched our official Facebook site. We will post there frequently so all of our investors are up to date with the newest information. If there are any maintenance or other problems, we will post it there as soon as we can, so make sure to follow us and keep an eye open.

18 August 2017

Lifebit Launches today!

We are proud to announce the launch of Lifebit; a new bitcoin investment platform dedicated to bitcoin mining with renewable energy. Our mission is to provide a unique investment platform where ROI, with maximum profit, is in your wallet in the shortest amount of time possible.

It works! See our last withdrawals here

We are fully transparent and trusted service since 2017. With many years in the financial markets, you can see our latest withdrawals here and see what people are making with us!

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